SEACPP General Meeting – Tuesday (5/20/2014)


Structural Engineers Association, Cal Poly Pomona (SEACPP) invites you to our last General Meeting of the year.

We will be serving Jinza’s Teriyaki for lunch.

Tuesday (5/20/2014)
Time: U-Hour (12pm-1pm)
Where: 17-1671

Guest Speaker Information:
Kevin O’ Connell, SE
Structural Focus

Structural Focus is a structural engineering firm based off of Gardena, CA with about 13 years of business experience. They have designed countless of regional as well as historic structures! Mr O’Connell will discussing what a structural engineer (SE) is and what SE’s do for structural engineering firms. He will also go over a project that his firm has worked on.

For more information regarding the firm and their projects please click here.

General Meeting #4 Agenda

SEACPP-CalGeo General Meeting – Tuesday (5/06/2014)

DEG_Logo  amec logo

Structural Engineers Association, Cal Poly Pomona (SEACPP) and California Geotechnical Engineers Association (CalGeo) invite you to our joint General Meeting!

We will be serving IN-N-OUT for lunch.

Tuesday (5/06/2014)
Time: U-Hour (12pm-1pm)
Where: 17-1631 (Left Wing Atrium, Entrance Outside)

Guest Speaker Information:
Jeff Roi from Degenkolb
Dr. Marty Hudson from AMEC

SEACPP and CalGeo are really excited about this upcoming joint-meeting and will be having exceptional guest speakers talk about their respective companies and projects!

Please note that the meeting will be held in 17-1631. Hope to see you all there!

General Meeting #3 Agenda

1st General Meeting (Spring) – Tuesday (4/08/2014)

SimpsonStrongTieTuesday (4/08/2014)
Time: U-Hour (12pm-1pm)
Where: GIS computer lab, 17-1671

We will be serving In-N-Out for lunch!

Guest Speakers:    
Alan Hanson
Damon Ho

Simpson Strong-Tie

Alan and Damon will be discussing Simpson Strong-Tie products and their role in structural engineering projects.

For more information about the company and their projects, please visit their website at

Officer Nominations:

The end of the school year is fast approaching and for SEACPP, this means it is time to start considering a new leadership board. We will be holding Officer Nominations at this meeting. A quick description of each position will be made at the meeting so please make sure to attend if you are interested in applying for a leadership position with SEACPP.


  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Activities Chair
  • Secretary
  • E-Council Representative
  • Webmaster

General Meeting #1 Agenda

RECAP: Wilshire Grand Tower Tech Tour


SEACPP and ASCE had the opportunity of attending the Wilshire Grand Tower site after the world record cement pour on Friday, 2/11/2014. The tower is still in the early stages where proper foundations and retaining walls are being set.

Early in the tour we were able to see the 3-D renderings of the proposed tower and all the engineering considerations that are taken when designing a structure. We also got a quick run through of the Turner office followed by the actual tour of the site.

SEACPP is hoping to get more tech tours of the Wilshire Grand Tower as construction continues. So make sure to stay updated when the time comes!

Don’t forget to check out the flickr album if you couldn’t make it.

Final (4th) General Meeting – Tuesday (3/11/2014)


Tuesday (3/11/2014)
Time: U-Hour (12pm-1pm)
Where: GIS computer lab: 17-1671

We will be serving Philly’s Best for lunch.

Guest Speakers:
Karen QuinnP.E. – Senior Staff Engineer
Gregory Rogoff, P.E.

Jacobs Associates

Jacobs Associates provides practical, cost-effective, and innovative solutions for difficult underground projects in the water, wastewater, and transportation sectors. With an emphasis on tunnels and shafts, they offer a full range of design and construction management capabilities and provide the broader heavy civil construction industry with a robust package of claims and dispute resolution services.

Our guest speakers will be doing a “Tunneling 101” presentation and discussing the basics of tunnel excavation and support.

For more information about the company and their projects, please visit their website at

General Meeting #4 Agenda

3rd General Meeting – Tuesday (2/25/2014)

fj engineering

Tuesday (2/25/2014)
Time: U-Hour (12pm-1pm)
Where: GIS computer lab: 17-1671

We will be serving Little Ceaser’s.(SEACPP members will have guaranteed lunch)

Our guest speaker will be Francisco Garcia from FJ Engineering. His company provides structural consulting and services towards custom residential, commercial construction, seismic retrofit, seismic inspections, and more. Francisco is also on the Board of Directors for SEAOSC. Along with him being the liaison between the SEAOSC YM Committee and the SEAOSC Board.

General Meeting #3 Agenda

Wilshire Grand Tower Project Sets Guinness World Record


“The Wilshire Grand project set a new Guinness World record this weekend when it kicked off construction for the largest continuous concrete pour in history, a spokesman for the project said Sunday.

Beginning early Saturday night, more than 2,100 truckloads of 21,200 cubic yards of concrete weighing 82 million pounds — the weight of 250 blue whales, the world’s largest mammal — were poured to form the building’s foundation on the northwest corner of Seventh and Figueroa streets. On hand for the historic event were Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, 14th District Councilman Jose Huizar and Speaker of the California State Assembly John Perez, among others…read more here

CPP E-Week (2/17-2/20)

To celebrate national engineers week, SEACPP will be having a table set up on Tuesday (2/18/2014). Stop by if you want to know more about what the club has to offer! We will also be distributing this years shirts to all the members.

Here are some more details about E-Week from CPP’s Engineering Council:

National Engineer’s Week is a week long celebration for engineers and all of the positive contributions engineers make to our world. Cal Poly Pomona’s Engineering Council will celebrate by having a set of activities open to all students throughout the week.

National Engineers Week: February 17-20, 2014

E-week Activities
Monday, Feb. 17 – Free Hotdog’s courtesy of Farmer Johns as well as chips and drinks @ the Engineering Meadow!

Tuesday, Feb. 18 – Winter Games @ the engineering meadow.
We’ll be selling E-week shirts for $5 and giving out some awesome prizes! Come out and support your engineering clubs.

Wednesday, Feb. 19 – Tau Beta Pi Frozen Shirt Contest
@ the engineering meadow.
Use your engineering skills and see if you have what it takes to win!

Thursday, Feb. 20 – Engineering Hall of Fame @ buildings 9 and 17.
In celebration of the School of Engineering’s 55th anniversary they are opening a hall of fame for select alumni who have contributed much to their field.

Wilshire Grand Tower Tech Tour (Friday, 2/21/2014)

This is a reminder to everyone who signed up that the Wilshire Grand Tower tech tour is this upcoming Friday!

“This technical tour is co-hosted by Cal Poly Pomona’s American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Structural Engineers Association (SEACPP) organizations.  Turner Construction is currently working on the new Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and will be providing us with a job walk and info session about the project.  This project is in the very early stages of construction but once complete, the Wilshire Grand Tower will be the tallest building not only in Los Angeles, but on the West Coast of the United States.”

Here is the eventbrite link for details about the event.

2nd General Meeting – Tuesday (2/11/2014)


Tuesday (2/11/2014)
Time: U-Hour (12pm-1pm)
Where: GIS computer lab: 17-1671

We will be serving In-N-Out. (SEACPP members will have guaranteed lunch)

Guest Speaker: Gerard Nieblas
Company: Brandow & Johnston, Inc.

Have you heard of the Wilshire Grand Tower currently in construction in Los Angeles? Upon completion, the tower will be the tallest building west of the Mississippi and the tallest in the United States outside of NYC and Chicago! SEACPP is happy to announce President Gerard Nieblas of Brandow and Johnston, Inc. will be speaking at our next general meeting in regards to the design of the tower. Don’t miss it!

For more information about the company and their projects, please visit their website at

This year’s membership shirts have arrived too, so make sure to pick one up before you leave.

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General Meeting #2 Agenda