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SEACPP General Meeting – Tuesday (5/20/2014)


Structural Engineers Association, Cal Poly Pomona (SEACPP) invites you to our last General Meeting of the year.

We will be serving Jinza’s Teriyaki for lunch.

Tuesday (5/20/2014)
Time: U-Hour (12pm-1pm)
Where: 17-1671

Guest Speaker Information:
Kevin O’ Connell, SE
Structural Focus

Structural Focus is a structural engineering firm based off of Gardena, CA with about 13 years of business experience. They have designed countless of regional as well as historic structures! Mr O’Connell will discussing what a structural engineer (SE) is and what SE’s do for structural engineering firms. He will also go over a project that his firm has worked on.

For more information regarding the firm and their projects please click here.

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