SEACPP Tech Tour to Simpson Strong-Tie

Hello students,
SEACPP, Structural Engineering Association of Cal Poly Pomona, will be having our first Tech Tour of the quarter. We will be visiting Simpson Strong-Tie in Riverside on February 12th from 10:00 Am to 2:00 Pm.
Simpson Strong Tie is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing structural connecting systems for wood, steel, masonry, concrete, and composite wood building construction. We will be meeting on campus before the event, and we will be offering carpool for those whom need a way of getting there.
 ““College Day!” Friday, February 12th 10:00am – 2:00 pm.
At Simpson-Strong-Tie office in Riverside.
Cal State Long Beach and Cal State Fullerton engineering students will also be part of the group tour as part of “College Days.”
Highlights : Strong Frame (special moment frame) test;  competition to conclude the tour, and more. Please wear hard toe shoes!”
Also if you are interested in attending, fill out the Google form down below and print out and fill attached documents:
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More information about the Tech tour can be found by Emailing
More information about Simpson Strong-Tie can be found here:
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RECAP: Wilshire Grand Tower Tech Tour


SEACPP and ASCE had the opportunity of attending the Wilshire Grand Tower site after the world record cement pour on Friday, 2/11/2014. The tower is still in the early stages where proper foundations and retaining walls are being set.

Early in the tour we were able to see the 3-D renderings of the proposed tower and all the engineering considerations that are taken when designing a structure. We also got a quick run through of the Turner office followed by the actual tour of the site.

SEACPP is hoping to get more tech tours of the Wilshire Grand Tower as construction continues. So make sure to stay updated when the time comes!

Don’t forget to check out the flickr album if you couldn’t make it.

Wilshire Grand Tower Tech Tour (Friday, 2/21/2014)

This is a reminder to everyone who signed up that the Wilshire Grand Tower tech tour is this upcoming Friday!

“This technical tour is co-hosted by Cal Poly Pomona’s American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Structural Engineers Association (SEACPP) organizations.  Turner Construction is currently working on the new Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and will be providing us with a job walk and info session about the project.  This project is in the very early stages of construction but once complete, the Wilshire Grand Tower will be the tallest building not only in Los Angeles, but on the West Coast of the United States.”

Here is the eventbrite link for details about the event.

NEES-Soft @ UCSD Tech Tour


SEACPP recently had the privilege of attending the NEES-Soft @ UCSD tech tour. The project was based on a seismic risk reduction for soft-story woodframe buildings. Everyone that attended had the opportunity of seeing a full-scale shake table in action.

Cal Poly Pomona professor, Mikhail Gershfeld, was also part of the project.

More information about this project:
Seismic Risk Reduction for Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings

Check out this video for the building collapse. Also, check out our flickr for more pictures.